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Warrior Love is a personal journey and vision to assist you to create a world where it is safe for us all to love ourselves and each other, including all our blind spots. It is a book about the relationships of men and women in a society that is evolving its conscious awareness in a world of expanding opportunities for personal fulfilment. At the same time, with life expectancy increasing, more of us are starting to acknowledge that expecting one life partner to fulfil all of our hopes, dreams, and expectations, is unrealistic. Roger asks the question: Can we make our children and their children proud we are willing to inspire a real vision of love for all?

Roger believes that we can learn to raise our standards of allowing the people we love to be free to also love others; where we learn to trust our inner core of love which involves facing jealousy and relinquishing the need to control others. Roger suggests that one solution for the modern world could be Polyamory; a state of expansive loving for all people, where sharing our relationships beyond exclusivity gives us an honest freedom to be true to ourselves and more loving to those we associate with in intimate ways. In other words, a vision we can work towards if we want to inspire a spiritual, emotional and physical freedom with enthusiasm, joy, and responsibility.

Mystic Life, the author of Spiritual Polyamory, puts it so succinctly: “Loa [Love for all] is the source of Spiritual Polyamory”. A lofty vision and yet so exciting because it demands from us all, higher standards of awareness, consciousness, and inner transformation.

Through helping people for over 40 years as a professional counsellor and by revealing his own ‘secret life’, Roger dissolves many fears of jealousy and negative beliefs learned in childhood. Through beautiful stories, he inspires you to bring abundant love into your life and open your heart to real unconditional love.

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